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Patient & Caring Professional Care

Our dentists care about your dental experience. We give patient and caring dental treatments that helps your family feel calm and comfortable with coming to the dentist. Many of our patients have resolved their dental anxiety after coming to Valley Dental.


Easy to Book Your Appointments

At Valley Dental, we make it easy to get an appointment by booking online or contacting us. If you’re in pain, we also offer emergency dental. Often times we have same day availability.


Most Dental Plans Accepted

At Valley Dental we accept most extended dental healthcare plans that your average Port Alberni resident might hold. If you don’t have dental healthcare coverage, we are happy to discreetly discuss our flexible payment options we can offer.


We’re Here To Help

We know that the thought of a tooth extraction might seem daunting.

At Valley Dental, we’re here to support you through the process.

Tooth extractions are sometimes the best solution to preserve overall oral health, typically required when a tooth is damaged beyond repair, to prevent the spread of infection, or to solve overcrowding issues.

Who are Tooth Extractions For?

Tooth extractions are most commonly required for individuals with severe tooth decay, gum disease, or a damaged tooth that can’t be repaired. In some cases, they are necessary to make room for orthodontic treatment or to remove wisdom teeth causing discomfort or potential future issues. We understand each person’s needs are unique and we are committed to providing compassionate, personalized care for everyone.

Pull Problem Teeth & Protect Your Overall Oral Health

Tooth extractions offer a path to improved oral health. By removing a severely damaged or decayed tooth, we can alleviate pain, prevent the spread of infection, and make room for effective dental replacements like implants or bridges. It’s about taking a step to protect your overall health, and creating the foundation for a healthier, brighter smile.

Did you know that tooth extractions used to be more common for medical reasons?

Yes it’s true, historically tooth extractions have been used to treat all sorts of medical illnesses. Tooth infections were linked to all sorts of health problems, so the removal of a tooth was a common dental treatment. Read more here

Reasons You Might Need a Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions might be necessary if you have severe tooth decay, infection, gum disease, or a broken tooth that can’t be fixed with a filling or crown. In some cases, extractions are performed to deal with overcrowding or to remove problematic wisdom teeth. At times, tooth extraction can also be part of orthodontic treatments to achieve a better alignment or fit of dentures.

Overall though, we ideally try to keep your tooth if it’s only damaged over the height of the roots. We can use crowns or veneers to treat most damage to your teeth.

Questions & Answers About Tooth Extractions

Teeth extractions provide necessary relief to problem teeth

What is a tooth extraction?

Tooth extraction is a dental procedure where a tooth is completely removed from its socket in the bone.

Is a tooth extraction painful?

Pain is minimal during the procedure due to local anesthesia. There might be some discomfort during the recovery period, but this can be managed with over-the-counter painkillers.

How long does a tooth extraction take?

The procedure usually takes between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the tooth.

Can I eat after a tooth extraction?

Yes, but it’s best to stick to soft foods and avoid the extraction site. So, bring on the ice cream and smoothies!

How should I care for my mouth after a tooth extraction?

It’s important to follow your dentist’s advice which may include using warm salt water rinses, avoiding smoking or drinking through a straw, and resting. Just think of it as a spa day for your mouth!

What if I'm nervous about my tooth extraction procedure?

It’s completely normal to feel nervous. We’re here to discuss any concerns and can provide sedation options to ensure you’re comfortable.

What happens after a tooth extraction?

Once a tooth has been removed, we’ll discuss next steps, such as implants, bridges or dentures, to restore your smile and functionality. Your smile’s reboot is just one step away!

Are there alternatives to tooth extraction?

In some cases, treatments like root canal therapy or crowns can save a tooth. However, if the damage is severe, extraction may be necessary. After all, even though we love all teeth, some are just too rebellious to stay!

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I’ve had a lot of dental anxiety my entire life and recently decided to try changing dental offices. I am so happy I chose Valley Dental!

Dr. McCracken is so kind, funny and gentle. I was not shamed in any way for not coming in soon enough. The front desk staff and all the dental assistants are also so kind. It’s such a nice, calming atmosphere. I am no longer scared to go to the dentist! Thank you!

– Monika

Ensuring Your Smile Is Healthy


At Valley Dental, we’re committed to ensuring that you don’t have to endure discomfort any longer than you have to. We will do our best to make sure your treatments are not painful, professional and treated with the best care possible.

If you’re experiencing tooth pain, don’t hesitate. Our expert team provides gentle and professional tooth extraction services in a warm, caring environment. Call us as soon as possible, especially if you’re in significant pain.

Secure your oral health and restore your radiant smile with us. Come visit Valley Dental today and let us guide you towards a future with happier, healthier teeth!