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Letter From Founder

At Valley Dental we have growing and grown families of our own, and we understand the challenges that families might face with coming to the dentist. It can be hard with your busy schedule, and your little ones might have some dental anxiety. It’s absolutely important that you start a good dental hygiene habit early, so that it leaves a strong impression that lasts for a life time.

This is why at Valley Dental we try our best to accommodate a busy schedule with our online booking so that you can see first hand if we have any availability that fits your schedule, and for the little ones with anxiety we take extra care and patience with a few tricks up our sleeves to make them more comfortable when coming to the dentist.

Our Mission?

To Deliver World Class & Approachable Treatments With Patience & Care

Patient & Calming Care

We do our best to give our patients a level of care that is patience and caring. We strive to help our patients feel optimistic, welcome and calm while coming to Valley Dental. This approach to care has resulted in helping multiple patients end their dental anxiety.

Precision & Accurate Treatments

We take pride in precision and accurate dental treatments. Our modern technology allows us to have the most dental insights compared to our competitors, where we can plan an entire smile design with our smile design systems, and even design and manufacture your new smile directly in our office with the shortest wait times, and highest precision.

Modern Dental Technology

We strive to give our customers the most modern dental technology available. We have our own CAD/CAM system for computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing of our dental implants, dentures and dental bridges, among much more in modern dental technology.

Care for All Ages

We give dental care for all ages, in a way that we consider your feelings and experience while getting your dental treatments at Valley Dental in Port Alberni. We do our best for all ages to make you feel calm, welcome and safe during your treatments so that your dental anxiety can be at peace.


Meet Our Dentists

dr kenneth mccracken valley dental port alberni

At Valley Dental we believe that everyone deserves a smile that makes them proud. I pride myself on keeping up with the latest advancements in dentistry, allowing us to provide high quality, affordable dentistry for the whole family in a comfortable, modern, state-of-the-art dental clinic.

Dr. Kenneth McCracken

A career of 32 years has taken Dr. McCracken around the world from Honduras to Yellowknife and has allowed him to practice in several specialties including orthodontics, smile design, and oral surgery (with IV sedation). His skill and dedication to his practice is evident with his multiple clinics all over the world that he has run, some exlusively specializing in implants.

Dr. McCracken continues to undergo continuing education to keep up to date with the best practice and the changing ways of modern dentistry. He has recently completed programs at such institutes as the Kois Center in Seattle, the Misch Implant Institute in Detroit, and the Las Vegas Institute of Cosmetic Dentistry.

Before pursuing his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, Dr. Kenneth McCracken achieved his BscH in Psysiology and Biochemistry from the University of Dundee in 1983. 

After obtaining his BscH he pursued his degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery. He achieved his degree at the University of Glasgow in the year of 1989. He has since completed many after graduate courses.


dr denton collins valley dental port alberni

Dr. Denton Collins

Denton’s educational journey into the field of dentistry began with the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiology and Pharmacology from University of Saskatchewan in 2018 with great distinction. In 2022, building on this foundation, he achieved his Doctorate of Medicine in Dentistry – also from University of Saskatchewan. Since his graduation, Denton has displayed a commitment to continuous education, honing his expertise in various areas such as endodontics, restorative treatment, computer-aided drafting, milling, printing, neuromodulators, Botox, and undertaking an intensive surgical course alongside maxillofacial surgeons in a prominent University hospital in Soa Paulo Brazil covering extractions, grafting, alveoplasty, and dental implant placement.

However, Denton’s impact extends beyond clinical excellence. One of the most fulfilling aspects of Dentistry for Denton is helping patients overcome dental anxiety. Alongside achieving great treatment outcomes, Denton takes pride in providing safe, thoughtful care tailored to the specific needs of patients grappling with anxiety. This personalized approach fosters an environment of trust and comfort, allowing individuals to navigate dental treatments with confidence.

Denton continues to focus on professional development. In addition to his specialized training, Denton maintains a steadfast commitment to staying on the cutting edge of dentistry. This commitment is reflected in his dedication to providing the most up-to-date, evidence-based care available. Denton actively engages in continuous education, keeping on top of the latest advancements, technologies, and research in the field. This ongoing pursuit of knowledge ensures that patients receive the highest quality of care, benefitting from the latest innovations in dental science.

Beyond the dental office, Denton’s passion for staying current extends to his adventurous pursuits. Since relocating to Vancouver Island in 2022, Denton has seamlessly integrated his love for rock climbing, surfing, and camping with a commitment to professional growth. This harmonious balance exemplifies Denton’s philosophy—a life enriched by both the pursuit of excellence in dentistry and the embrace of the natural wonders that surround him.


Our Clinical Team

Our clinical team are the dental hygienists and dental assistants that take care of the maintenance of your tooth’s build up and assistance with the dentists during their treatments.

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Registered Dental Hygienist

crystal registered dental hygienist

Registered Dental Hygienist

chelsea registered dental hygienist

Registered Dental Hygienist

victoria registered dental hygienist valley dental port alberni

Registered Dental Hygienist

acacia valley dental assistant and admin

Certified Dental Assistant

april certified dental assistant valley dental

Certified Dental Assistant

jada certified dental assistant

Certified Dental Assistant

shawna certified dental assistant valley dental port alberni

Certified Dental Assistant


Our Administrative Team

Our administrators are the staff who answer your phone calls and get your bookings all in a row. If you need a reminder for your next appointment, some advice about our treatments on the phone, or any other information – they’ve got you covered.

cheri office manager port alberni valley dental

Office Manager

teresa dental receptionist valley dental port alberni


Hear From
Our Patients


I’ve had a lot of dental anxiety my entire life and recently decided to try changing dental offices. I am so happy I chose Valley Dental!

Dr. McCracken is so kind, funny and gentle. I was not shamed in any way for not coming in soon enough. The front desk staff and all the dental assistants are also so kind. It’s such a nice, calming atmosphere. I am no longer scared to go to the dentist! Thank you!

– Monika